All outdoor solar lights are not waterproof, although they are water-resistant. This means they will withstand the effects of water to a certain extent but will not prevent water penetration.

Those made from glass are not rain and snowproof. The glass can be damaged when exposed to high winds and extreme weather.

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How Can You Make Outdoor Solar Lights Waterproof?

Did you know that a drop of silicon formula can waterproof your outdoor solar lights?

How Can You Make Outdoor Solar Lights Waterproof?

Follow the five easy steps below to make garden solar lights waterproof and remember to keep up with the maintenance, so they last a long time.

Step 1

Take a solar garden light and rub off the plastic surrounding the solar panel using a steel-fiber pen. Finish by rubbing off with a paper towel.

Step 2

Cut a piece of polythene so that it covers the top of the solar lighting.

Step 3

Put a blob of a transparent silicon compound in the middle of the solar panel.

Step 4

Cover it with a piece of polythene to protect your finger. Using your forefinger, gently rub it so that the silicon compound evenly covers the solar panel and the surrounding area.

Step 5

Leave the polythene until the silicon has dried completely. Then peel the polythene to get waterproof outdoor solar lights.

Can Solar Lights Be Left Out in the Rain?

If it gets very wet, the solar lights with glass material should not be left outside because:

  • The glass might break because of high winds and cause accidents.
  • The clouds and snow will block any direct sunlight from reaching the solar lights, therefore decreasing their working efficiency. 

Quick Pro Tip: Regularly cleaning the dust, mud, and dirt off outdoor solar lighting will enable them to store solar energy so they can shine with the maximum lumens at night.

What Are the Best Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights?

There are a few to choose from on the market actually.

1. Signature Garden 6-Pack Solar Garden Lights

These solar lights are perfect for lighting up your garden with a warm glow. The package includes six lights, each measuring 12 X 3.5 inches.

Solar lights come in two colors-silver and black-with 15 lumens of brightness. Resistant to sleet, rain, frost, and snow, this product has a long lifetime. The metal frame also adds to its durability.


Weather-resistant to last throughout the year

Metal frame for protection and durability

Eight hours of battery life when fully charged

Automatic turn-off and turn-on at dawn and dusk


Does not have motion sensors

2. URPOWER Waterproof LED Solar Spotlight

This 2-in-1 solar spotlight for your garden gives you more flexibility as it can be angled to highlight specific parts of your outdoor space, which is perfect for a security light.

The product features six LED lights in a large solar panel that can be angled at 180 degrees. It emits 200 lumens of brightness and features two brightness settings-the lower one lasting from eight to ten hours and the higher power setting lasting for four to six hours.

The spotlight can be set at an angle of 90 degrees. Both the spotlight and the panel can be installed easily on the wall, eave, or in the ground. 


Super brightness with 200 lumens

Double brightness settings for more options

Easy to install with spikes

Only four to five hours of charging time

Eight to ten hours of battery life for longer service

2-in-1 spotlight and panel lights for more flexibility

Lights can be angled for creating better highlights

Auto turn-off at dawn 


Very heavy

Large dimensions of 10.55 X 6.1 X 4.76 inches

3. LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

Available in multicolored, cold white, and warm white variations, Litom Solar landscape spotlights feature both stakes and screws so that you can install them on the wall or the ground.

The black 600 lumens solar lights emit high brightness through the panels built right at the head of the lights. This makes for a compact design, although it limits how you can install them. The dimensions are 11.4 X 5.1 X 2.7 inches, making them a little bulky.

This product is fitted with high-power batteries that give six hours of light in the high setting and 12 hours in low-light settings.


Very bright illumination at 600 lumens

Battery life of 12 hours

Features both high and low-light modes for variations

Multicolored lights to add a new dimension

Screws included for wall mounting

Auto turn-on/turn-off feature


The design of the lights limits the ways they can be installed

Before you choose any solar garden lights, remember that according to the Department of Energy, you should consider your geographic location as all parts of the USA do not get the same amount of sunlight.

How to Check for Water Damage

Water can seep through the solar panel if the adhesives have weakened. This will result in damage to the internal circuitry and wiring systems.

When your garden solar lights are not emitting enough light, take the head of the panel off to check for water damage. If you see water drops have accumulated in the panel, do the following.

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe away the water from the lights.
  • Remove the batteries and wipe them with a clean cloth.
  • Keep the lights in a dry area to allow them to dry completely.
  • Use new batteries or the dry ones to get your solar lights assembled as per the manual. 


There are many types of waterproof outdoor solar lights available in the market that can greatly improve the looks of your garden.

The weather in your area will have an impact on how long your solar lights last. While most of them are water-resistant, you need to make sure they are waterproof by adding a silicon layer on the panel. When the weather gets rough, it’s better to store them inside to ensure reusability and durability.