Solar lights offer great versatility, but so do their lifespans. Depending on the type of solar light you get, it can last anywhere from two to twenty years.

That said, there are a number of factors that can either increase or decrease your solar light’s lifespan, and it’s important to keep in mind which solar lights are more susceptible to damage.

We’ll examine a variety of solar lights on offer and the qualities of each, so you know exactly how long you can expect each one to last.

The Average Solar Light Lifespan

Even the the best outdoor solar lights have an average lifespan of around four years. Most lights do not come standard with high-end components that will last longer. Some will last much longer, and others will stop working much sooner. 

The Average Solar Light Lifespan

You can work on the better lights to help them last longer. Sometimes you can fix the lights with as little as changing the batteries. You can often extend the life of solar lighting with minimal effort.

How Long Do Cheap Solar Lights Last?

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. It tends to be true for the question of how long do solar lights last. Cheap lights only work well for about two years. Some very cheap ones may not even make it past a single year. 

The cheaper the light, the worse materials like the solar panel and the batteries will be. Also, you will run into problems with moisture, wiring, switches, and receptors. Often cheap solar lights aren’t even worth working on to extend their life because you have to replace so many pieces. 

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

The life of the solar landscape light battery will depend on the type of battery the system uses. The battery in cheap solar lighting may only have about 300 charge cycles. That means it can stop working in about one year.

Did you know that the first rechargeable batteries date back to 1859? Waldmar Jungner made the first NiCd battery in 1899.

A better NiMH can last for up to five years of continued use. It is usually easy to open up your light system and check the battery. It should be one of the first things you check if the light starts to lose brightness. 

Which Outdoor Solar Light Lasts The Longest?

When you’re shopping for solar outdoor lights, you want to make sure that they will work for a long time without being replaced.

  1. Ensure that the light uses an LED light bulb
  2. Know what coats the solar panel, tempered glass will give you the longest panel life
  3. Make sure that you can easily change replacement batteries when it stops working 

Getting a light with a good waterproofing system is also helpful in keeping the solar-powered light working longer. 

Do Solar Lights Wear Out?

No matter how well you take care of solar lights, they will eventually stop working. Depending on what components your light comes with, they can last anywhere from two to twenty years. 

Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new light. Certain problems can cause total replacement. Remember that new lights will come with lower-end components that can wear out quicker. 

Things That Can Shorten Your Solar Light’s Life

Many things can cause solar lighting to die. Placing them in spots that flood is one of the worst things you can do for the light. Even though they are water-resistant, standing water will eventually win and affect their electronics. 

If you let the photovoltaic arrays get too dirty, it can mess with how well the system charges with direct sunlight. Improper charging can cause a light to dim and eventually cause harm to the batteries themselves.

Ensure that the lamps get direct sunlight during the day and are away from artificial light sources at night. It will help ensure they get a good charge and aren’t consistently turning off and on based on floodlights in the area.


The answer to how long do solar lights last is more complicated than it might seem. It depends a lot on the components that make up the solar lighting system. Cheap lights only last about a year, whereas good solar string lights can last almost fifteen years.  

If you take care of the lighting system and it gets direct sunlight, they can do a great job. Whether you have a solar street light, security light, or a path light, You can find a solar-powered light that fits your needs.