Best Grow Light Reflector Hood – The Ultimate Buying & Review Guide

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By Chris Lipsey

If you really want to maximize the potential of your grow light you’ll need to invest in a light reflector hood.

Light’s that would really benefit from a light reflector hood are:

  • High-pressure sodium (HPS), or also called High Intensity Discharge (HID)
  • Fluorescent lights – tube,
  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s)
  • Incandescent bulbs

You won’t require one with a premium LED feel spectrum light, but if you didn’t shell out for one of those this isn’t a reason to stress out. There are loads of reflector hood options if you’re looking to up your indoor gardening game.

Quick glance at the best grow light reflector hoods:


Best Grow Light Reflectors Reviewed

Sun System Grow Lights Yield Master 6” Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector – Best All-Rounder

Sun System Grow Lights Yield Master Single Ended Cooled MH/HPS Reflector With 6" Air Duct Fittings For Hydroponic & Greenhouse Plant Use-ETL Listed, White


This reflective grow light is completely sealed with double gasketed glass. The glass is tempered, and the unit includes a built-in socket.

You’ll be pleased to know that this package also includes a 15” lamp cord. The Sun System Grow Light Reflector uses a highly reflective aluminum interior for the best output and light uniformity. It’s rated at 86% on the reflective index.

The 6” refers to the air ducting plenum which gives it maximum cooling. The reflector size is 22.6” by 23.9”, with a height of 7.4”.

There’s also a useful swing stop retention cable that keeps the glass from swinging open.

And finally, the housing is made from powder-coated galvanized steel, which means it is going to last. Then again, it is offered with a five year-warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • Tempered glass, built-in socket, and 15” lamp cord are included
  • Glass is completely sealed with double gaskets


  • Gets very hot even while air is cooled
  • Bulb is yellow, which may be unattractive

Apollo Horticulture GLRGW9 19” Gull Wing Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector – Best Budget

Apollo Horticulture GLRGW19 19" Gull Wing Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector


While we’re not entirely sure what “German Aluminum” is, we can guarantee it’s of high quality. Or that it was used in gunpowder production in the distant past.

The unit also has a premium ceramic light socket that is bound to give you that luxurious feel. And most importantly, the socket can accommodate LED lights.

Included in the package is the gull-wing reflector, 15 feet of power cord, and 1 pair of V-hooks.

This unit is simple to install, flexible, and importantly, cheaper than its competitors.

Also, it guarantees great coverage and it requires no tools to install or use.


  • Long power cord
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile and can be fitted with an LED light


  • No replacement parts on offer
  • Electrical wiring is a bit suspect

VIVOSUN Compact Reflector Hood – – Best Non-Air Cooled & Double Ended

VIVOSUN Compact Reflector Fixture Hood Grow Light Fixture for Double Ended HPS Lamps with 98% Reflective Italian Vega Aluminum


This is a state-of-the-art grow light reflector that the guys over at VIVOSUN promises is a patented design.

The unit also can accommodate double-ended horticultural lamps, which aren’t included.

The double-ended construction allows for the best light coverage.

And the deep reflector design holds the lamp’s heat. If you were wondering, the reflective index is at a whopping 98%.

Finally, the housing is made from galvanized steel and is covered in a durable powder coating. This means this will stand the test of time, also it comes with a five-year warranty.


  • Great quality
  • Amazing coverage
  • Created from durable materials


  • Expensive
  • Not very versatile

Hydro Crunch Parabolic Vertical Grow Light Reflector Hood – Best Non-Air Cooled & Double Ended

Hydro Crunch Parabolic Vertical Grow Light Reflector Hood, White


Well made and designed, this reflective hood is compatible with an HPS bulb, varying from 250w all the way up to 1000w.

It comes with a premium, pre-installed, ceramic mogul socket and industry-standard s-plug. Also included is a robust 15-foot cable.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Hydro Crunch’s use of materials is top-notch without breaking the bank. Made from high-quality plastic, metals, and ceramic, this is a reflector that will last the ages.


  • Great quality
  • Made from premium materials


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Factory can miss including all the parts

Durolux Full Sunlight Spectrum and Low Profile 7” Wide Reflector – Best Fluorescent Lamp Reflector

DuroLux DL842N T5 4-Foot 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System with 10000 Lumens and 6500K Full Sunlight Spectrum and Low Profile 7" Wide Reflector


While using a fluorescent light is really only applicable for seedlings, it’s vital that any crop you’re planning on growing gets the best start.

And if you’re looking at the best reflector to get the job done right, look no further than Full Sunlight Spectrum and Low Profile Wide Reflector.

With a 95% reflective rating due to its German Hammer Tone Reflector, it can provide more than 50% better light than its closest competitors.

Also, it can accommodate two bulbs (which are included in the package) and 100w of power output.

The power cord is a bit short at 4,5 feet long, but it is capable of being daisy-chained up to seven units. Which is great for larger grows.

It also arrives preassembled and simply hangs.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be daisy-chained


  • Only usable for limited crops
  • No customer care

Now that we’ve gone through all the reflectors we’ve been eyeing out, let’s talk about how we came to those conclusions.

Benefits of Using a Light Reflector

While most grow lights will ensure that your plants are getting great light, if they are not cast in the correct direction, you are simply wasting electricity and potential.

Also, while some grow light rigs will include a great reflector, the fact is, just like light bulbs, you will need to replace your reflector every so often.

Also, if you’re using a coco growing medium, which is great, it can cast dust onto reflectors over time and create a thick coating.

So we’d also strongly recommend that you ensure that your reflector is cleaned regularly. A simple wet cloth will do.

However, this will only put off the inevitable. Eventually, an aging reflector will lose its efficiency, casting light poorly.

Are there different light reflectors? Yes, there are a few, and later we’ll narrow down your selection for which of of the top grow light reflectors is best for you in 2022.

Shapes and Sizes of Light Reflectors

If you’re scrolling through Amazon’s many pages you’ll notice that reflectors come in all shapes and sizes.

These different shapes and sizes are designed on purpose to ensure that they’re tailor made for your specific crop.

Shapes you can purchase include:

  • Square
  • Parabolic
  • Rectangular
  • Large
  • And compact

Each of these shapes will cast light on the crop uniformly, and the further the light needs to travel before being reflected down will have an impact on its potency.

So, where normally bigger is better, that’s not always the case with light reflectors.

For instance if the bulbs aren’t big enough for the reflector, the light cast will be poor and patchy. While a small circular, or parabolic, light will cast an intense direct light if the bulb is the correct size. But just a warning, too strong and your plants will suffer from heat.

It’s a real balancing game that can be affected massively by grow area, material of the reflector, and the types of grow light reflector used.

What are the different types of grow light reflectors?

Different Types of Grow Light Reflectors

Grow light reflectors come in a range of different types:

Air-Cooled Reflectors

Just like a VW Beetle, this cools the light bulb with passing air. Air-cooled reflectors cut down on the need for noisy fans and simply remove heat through a duct air fan.

These air-cooled reflectors remove excessive heat generated by lights and this will, in turn, help increase the life of the bulb.

These can be quite pricey.

Non-Air-Cooled Reflectors

This is just a reflective surface, which won’t remove excessive heat. These are great for hydroponic grows that require a hot growing space.

And as you’d expect, they are more affordable.

Wing Reflectors

Easy to use and perfect for new indoor growers, wing reflectors are fairly inexpensive compared to other types.

They are an open-designed reflector that you can adjust to your needs. And as the sheet is made from aluminum, this helps absorb heat.

Also, an additional feature of wing reflectors is that they can change the color spectrum of the light.

Hood Reflectors

Designed specifically for HPS lights and domed ceilings this is a static hood that is great for focusing heat.

These are guaranteed to reflect ample heat and light. But for sensitive plants, a dome light is not suitable.

Parabolic Reflectors

This is a rounded, or umbrella-like shape grows light that produces a uniform color footprint of light.

These are suitable for both small and medium growing spaces.

Now, let’s tackle the last aspect to understand when selecting a light reflector, materials.

Grow Light Reflector Materials

A quality product is the sum of the materials used to create it. The same is true for grow light reflectors.

The materials will, however, affect the price point but there’s a real difference in effectiveness.

The entry-level material is a substance called oxidized aluminum, which ranks at around 70% on the refractive index.

Middle of the range is anodized aluminum, which is around 85% on the refractive index. Be aware that poor quality anodized aluminum will deteriorate quickly.

And at the top-end is Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) aluminum. This will boost your reflective index up to over 95%.

We’d always recommend going with the best material you can afford to ensure that you get the most from your crop.

How We Selected These Grow Light Reflectors

We sifted through all the pages of the internet, visited grow shops, and eventually produced the magical list above.

But what were the criteria that went into this selection process? Well, it all starts with materials.


What your grow light reflector is created from matters. Whether you need it to last one year or multiple, you want to purchase a product that can stand the test of time.

In regards to reflectors, you need waterproof metals, as you’ll be using them in humid conditions.

User Experience

With any product in the modern world, it’s important that is it easy to use. This is also true for installing light reflectors.

Some reflectors had no instructions included and relied on the buyer assembling them by guesswork. If you’re not a competent DIYer this can be a massive challenge.

Also, if you don’t own tools, this is another issue. And living with a difficult grow reflector can also get tiring.

Peer Reviews

While you should never take a single person’s opinion at face value, you can quickly gauge if there’s a real issue when multiple people flag the same issue.

We scanned through most of these, so you don’t need to try and interpret what they’re trying to convey.


Grow light reflectors need to perform a multitude of functions. This being said, this might not be an issue if you are producing a larger crop on an industrial scale.

For example the fluorescent seedling light is great for commercial work but not the best for home use.

Then again, if you have the space, why not?

Also, if your grow light reflector can take more than a single brand of bulb, it’s easier to replace broken lights.


It may seem shallow, but looks always matter. An ugly grow light reflector will ruin the vibe of your garden. Which for some is a magical escape.

Also, tied in with the aesthetics it the quality of the product, as a product that looks cheap is normally of a poor standard.

Where It Is Stocked

The caliber of a retail outlet also matters. They need to ensure that their stock meets their clients’ needs.

Make sure to check where the light reflector is being sold. If it is on the lower end of the scale, you might want to give it a miss.

In essence, don’t buy products off Alibaba.

Final Thoughts

Every gardener has their own unique requirements for their space. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, your needs can differ massively.

Before taking our top recommendation, make sure you select the product that suits you best.

This also goes for budget. While we suggested you avoid lower-level retail outlets if that’s all you can afford, go for it.

Just don’t expect them to last as well as our favorite grow light reflectors.

Also, consider running costs. An expensive light to run is one that you’re going to skimp on using.

So, our recommendation would be to tailor your choice to exactly what you need for your crop where ever you are growing.