About Us

Not too long ago, our founder and editor Chris was in the garden doing his thing. As with all gardeners, he faced many problems.

Weeds bursting out of his beautifully manicured plant beds, critters eating his vegetables, rusty tools gathering dust in his shed, overgrown bushes looking very messy, the list goes on.

Some problems were small, others seemed quite big. So he did what most of us do and researched the answers. After searching for answers he noticed that most people weren’t really interested in helping.

They were more focused on promoting the latest garden gadget or giving regurgitated answers that didn’t help.

So Chris had an idea. He decided to create a resource for avid gardeners just like himself. One where the information was free, created by REAL green fingered folks who had a deep passion for all things gardening.

Passionate About Gardening

Gardening is what we do. Every day. That means we’re very enthusiastic about all things green.

Fantastic Support

Our team is here to answer your questions and help guide you as a gardener. Whatever the problem.

Expert Guides & Reviews

Our team is here to answer your questions and help guide you as a gardener. Whatever the problem.

Who we are

We are Bitponics. A team of gardeners that love nothing more than to be outside planting, cutting, tending, snipping and growing.

Whether it’s a house plant that needs some extra attention or a full hydroponics setup in the back garden that provides fresh vegetables for the family, we live and breath it.

What we do

We create expert guides, unbiased reviews and comparisons of products that will help you become a better gardener.

The aim is to provide you with a resource that will take you from novice to advanced in any area of gardening that you choose. Or if you just want to dabble, that’s fine too. The best thing about gardening is that there is something for everyone.

Meet our awesome team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a bunch of green fingered gardening enthusiasts together? No, neither have we. But if you’re interested, here they are.

Chris Lipsey

Founder & Editor
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Alex Harris

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Jeff Hale

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Emily Cooper

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