bitponics connects your garden to the world.

Notice: bitponics suspended development on December 31, 2014.

Startups are risky endeavors, and they don't always turn out as planned. Unfortunately, bitponics ran out of resources before we could deliver our vision of a thriving garden in every home.

At the end of 2016, we issued a refund to the backers of our 2012 Kickstarter campaign.

We still believe in the mission of open-source gardening, so we encourage you to download and explore our web server & front-end codebase as well as our hardware schematics & firmware on Github.

We're still here for anyone interested in carrying the mission forward. Say hi at

- Amit, Cofounder & CEO

How It Works

You can enter your own sensor readings or connect your own automation device to continuously monitor your garden’s environment.

The Bitponics Cloud runs your personal Grow Plan, crowd-sourced blueprints for full seasons of garden care. Grow Plan reminders notify you when to take action. And if you have a connected device, the Bitponics Cloud can record real-time sensor readings and automatically turn connected accessories on & off.

Manage your garden from any web browser. Track progress over time and swap tips with everyone in the Bitponics community.

Bitponics at PSFK's Future of Home Living Exhibit

Amit Kumar

Amit has been a software engineer for 11 years and a plant lover for 20. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Cognitive Science, he brought his knowledge of human information processing to the field of web software development, where he strives to produce products that aren’t just outstanding technically, but are also highly intuitive and a pleasure to use. He’s spent his career working with a variety of technologies in all aspects of software development. From the database to the back-end to the front-end, using a range of technologies, he crafts code to produce whatever the customer needs and more. He's delivered solutions for companies including Nike, Verizon, Prudential, T-Mobile, Barnes & Noble and American Express.

After getting started with hydroponic gardening in 2011, Amit saw that merging hydro with high tech could make gardening more accessible to everyone. He’s been working ever since to use his engineering skills to connect people with their plants in ways never before possible.

Jack Bishop

Jack Bishop

Jack is a software engineer and web enthusiast with a passion for embracing change and building products for the future that he wants to see. For the better part of the last decade he has designed, developed, architected and maintained many popular websites, web applications and native mobile applications. His primary focus and interest has been mobile optimization on the web — even before we had cool phones, when mobile was treated as a second-class citizen. Clients include Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Tiffany & Co and AdCouncil. Recently he has become an amatuer gardener, running a small hydroponic garden with basil, tomato and pepper plants. He is currently counting down the days until his garden becomes self-aware, remotely controllable and logs data to the cloud.

Chris Piuggi

Chris Piuggi

As an educator, Chris gives lectures and workshops around the world. He has designed and implemented groundbreaking learning platforms for the National Science Foundation and McArthur Foundation; melding digital and physical worlds to teach STEM principles to all ages. As a thinker and craftsman, Chris provides technology consultation and award winning interactive experiences for organizations such as Google, Coca-Cola, AMEX, Nautica and the Lincoln Motor Company.